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Updated: October 09, 2013

Listen while you browse to the files below .... these open a pop up window. Download these and others for free on our Client login page

Herr, ich bin dein Eigentum
by  Matthias Limmer

Nun Komm, Der Heiden Heiland
by J. S. Bach

Prelude and Fugue in G Minor from 8 Little P&Fs  BWV 558
by J. S. Bach


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MP3 orders


 Order 5 hymns to use during your worship service for around  $ 12 and have the them for future use  ----- What would a susbstitute organist cost, if available? And prices are cost-to-your-door*

Hymn accompaniments (mp3 files)

Price per mp3 file (Cdn $)



$ 2.35

Purchase MP3 Files


$ 2.05


$ 1.95

50 or more

$ 1.75

The Complete  Accompaniment Collection in MP3 includes your choice of flash drive or backup CD and includes shipping*

Example for Anglican Collection 257 hymn accompaniments: 
$ 469.00 for files & data CD or flash drive
$ 395.00 including shipping*

Select your hymnal

Optional: Add a backup CD to MP3 ordered above - includes shipping *

$ 20.00



Optional: Add a 4G pocket USB flash drive for your mp3 order - includes shipping *
Flash drivecrop

$ 15.00
plus your mp3 order







Mp3 file purchases and downloading: To purchase mp3 files, select the quantity of files desired and purchase these using PayPal. Then, e-mail me (or use our form ) your list of desired file numbers. Hymnals all have unique numbering (i.e. Anglican Common praise would be CP100, Presbyterian (US) would be PH100, etc.). NOTE FOR IPOD USERS: .... let me know when you order if these files will be used with an Apple iPod and iTunes as we can you with  AAC files so you don’t have to convert them.

Your order would be available for download within 1 days (1 business day of receipt of payment but typically, within several hours). I will send you the login info for your site and your files will be available to you for download for 30 days. Visit our client login page for a demonstration and some free download files.

 There is a practical limit  to downloading the mp3 files at one time .... (probably around 50 files or less ).

NOTE:  The complete set for the Anglican hymnal, for example, is over 1 GB  and growing. Thus, it is not really practical to download the entire collection. We include your choice of data CD or USB flash drive when a full collection is purchased and you’ll have them in-hand shortly after you order. This saves a massive download as well as possible file errors. The flash drive can also then be used for portable storage once you've transferred your mp3s to you computer.

MP3 BACKUP: You may  purchase a data CD or flash drive of the mp3 files you purchase. Several hundred mp3 files will fit on one data CD.

Visit our Technical page for a description of how these different methods can be used 

Other file formats available at special request.

  *Note 1:  Shipping to Canada and USA is included.
Canada: Orders of three or less CDs are sent via standard mail. Orders of four or more CDs are shipped via Express Post which is trackable, insured and delivery is 1-3 days dependent on distance.

US: Insured, Air delivery in 7-10 business days (not trackable)
All other Countries: shipping will be quoted when ordering. Please E-mail before ordering for your shipping quote.

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